About us

Mega Digital Scale is a importer of high quality scales and scale accessories. Mega Digital Scale has some of the most reputable scales on the market. To find what you are looking for please select the category or view all of our scales. Our products are for wholesale purchases only.

Mega Digital Scale located in allover the country . Mega Digital Scale is a specialized importer of electronic scales for __5_ years. Since __china__, we have been supplying a wide variety of patented electronic scales to more than 500 dialers from over 60 districts in the country.

Each scale delegates exquisite workmanship, high accuracy and sleek design. From our state-of-the- art scales all buyers can easily get the favorite ones to gain an edge in their market.

We provide 3 years warranty for the product. Although our customer care always open to serve the buyers.

Mega Digital Scale also imports and distributes professional Mega Power Tools and power tool accessories in the country for tradeprofessionals who demand superior performance and durability on the job.

Our impressive track record of new product development is born from our passion for understanding the needs of our primary user – the professional tradesman.